Between little walks and small productions 4 nights


For those who love walking and want a complete experience of landscape, history, fashion and taste.

Moving and discovering nature
Discovering organic farming
Listening to the history of this land
Tasting local products
From June to October

For those who love walking and want a complete experience of landscape, history, fashion and taste.

bookable services:

ONLY the room rental service can be purchased on this website, the other services provided by the package are NOT included in the payment but are automatically booked with the choice of the package. The payment of the services offered by external suppliers, friends of the project, will take place directly on site with them.

4 nights for 2 people at La Ferula Magica accommodation
price 4 nights for 2 people: 280,00 €

All experiences and guided tours are accompanied by a person who speaks English or translates the content of the visit into English.

easy group walk in the Alta Murgia Park, to the Pulo di Altamura, by Ciclomurgia, route: 5 km, duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes. Available from June to October on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday morning, the times will be confirmed after booking the service.

The tour price includes: environmental/hiking guide.
Price for 2 people: 40,00 €


Meeting place: ARIF regional authority farm, near the Acquatetta wood.

The itinerary is immersed in the Murgia and is centered on one of the most important points of naturalistic interest in the Alta Murgia National Park: the Pulo, an elliptical karst depression among the largest in southern Italy.
We will descend to the bottom of the huge crater and walk along a small river through a forested are. On the walls of the north side of this sinkhole we will visit the caves, most likely prehistoric dwellings of hominids.
Various testimonies confirm this thesis: the archaeological finds and the discovery, not far from Pulo, of the skeleton of the well-known “Man of Altamura” (so-called pre-Neanderthal man, who lived in the Pleistocene, in a period between 50,000 and 300,000 years ago).

On request, possibility of accident insurance: cost to be defined.

guided tour of Minervino Murge for two people,

with Roberta Chiodo, archaeologist and certified guide. The itinerary lasts about 3 hours and includes landscapes and sites of historical, artistic, religious and geological interest. The price of the visit includes all the sites entrance tickets.

The date and time of the visit will be agreed with the guide after booking the service.
Price for 2 people: 50,00 €


The guided tour has as its starting point the cave dedicated to St. Michael, the Archangel, located at the foot of the town hill and set in the rocky slopes of the Murgia plateau. The next stop is the rock church of the Madonna della Croce.

Then, with a 20-minute walk along the Lama Matitani valley, which offers characteristic panoramic views of the Murgia, we get up to the historic center of Minervino. As an alternative to walking, you can move uphill by car to continue the guided tour in the ancient town center.

The third stop is the “Scesciola” district, a tangle of alleys, stairs and arches, and the cathedral of S. Maria Assunta, perfect example of the Romanesque-Apulian style. The visit ends with the Civic Archaeological Museum inside the Minervino townhall, originally a Norman castle.

agricultural visit of olive and almond orchards for two people, with tasting of organic products by Terradiva organic farm, duration: 2 hours.
The date and time of the experience will be agreed with the company after booking the service.
Price for 2 people: € 40.00


  •  guided walk through the almond and olive groves in the company of one of the founders of the family-run company.
    During the walk we will tell you how we take care of our trees throughout the year respecting the requirements of organic farming, curiosities about plants and their fruits, the vagaries of the weather, how the collection and processing of raw fruits takes place.
    You can pick up some products from the family garden if there are vegetables ready for tasting!
  • visit to the laboratory, here we will show you how the storage and packaging of our products takes place, very important phases to preserve their freshness.
  • guided tasting of the company’s organic products: the four lines of extra virgin olive oil, the almonds, the Apulian taralli made with almond flour.
    You will discover the scents of the oils, the different flavors depending on the variety of olives and almonds, but also how to recognize a quality extra virgin olive oil. Finally, we will try to answer all your questions and curiosities!
  • One of our products as gifts

visit the atelier of the stylist-designer for two people, curated by Tortorella Atelier Studio, lasting about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Stylistic and armocromatic advice is also available on request. The date and time of the visit will be agreed with the stylist after booking the service.
Price for 2 people: 30,00 €


Carmine Tortorella will be your guide moving between past and future: from the art of embroidery and ancient kits, to the wedding and evening gowns dedicated to a modern and dynamic woman.

The traditional Apulian wedding draws strength from the rooted local customs but also from its continuous evolution in line with the present.

High fashion and style blend with manual and sartorial tradition, Carmine Tortorella’s clothes find inspiration in the Murgia landscapes, from white stone to expanses of wheat, but also in his idea of what the future woman would look like.

For all interested parties (spouses or not) it is possible to include stylistic and armocromatic advice in the visit. Carmine and his staff will be happy to accompany you in choosing a dress designed in shapes and colors in harmony with your personality and your taste.

gourmet lunch or dinner for two at the Cantina Brandi restaurant in Minervino Murge, where the chef Pietro Carlone will surprise you with refined dishes that enhance the ingredients of our territory in innovative ways.
The menu is seasonal and includes: appetizer, first course, second course, dessert, coffee and water.
Price for 2 people: € 70.00 (wines not included)

Vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerance and no-gluten options are available on request.

services not included:

transfers, unspecified meals and drinks, medical / luggage insurance, anything not indicated in the “bookable services” item


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