Between art and history 2 nights


For those who want to wonder in the past, hiding in the alleys of Minervino Murge.

Listening to the history of this land
All year round

For those who want to wonder in the past, hiding in the alleys of Minervino Murge.

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2 nights for 2 people at La Ferula Magica accommodation
Price 2 nights for 2 people: 140,00 €

All experiences and guided tours are accompanied by a person who speaks English or translates the content of the visit into English.

guided tour of Minervino Murge for two people, with Roberta Chiodo, archaeologist and certified guide. The itinerary lasts about 3 hours and includes landscapes and sites of historical, artistic, religious and geological interest. The price of the visit includes all the sites entrance tickets.
The date and time of the visit will be agreed with the guide after booking the service.
Price for 2 people: 30,00 €


The guided tour has as its starting point the cave dedicated to St. Michael, the Archangel, located at the foot of the town hill and set in the rocky slopes of the Murgia plateau. The next stop is the rock church of the Madonna della Croce. Then, with a 20-minute walk along the Lama Matitani valley, which offers characteristic panoramic views of the Murgia, we get up to the historic center of Minervino. As an alternative to walking, you can move uphill by car to continue the guided tour in the ancient town center.
The third stop is the “Scesciola” district, a tangle of alleys, stairs and arches, and the cathedral of S. Maria Assunta, perfect example of the Romanesque-Apulian style. The visit ends with the Civic Archaeological Museum inside the Minervino town hall, originally a Norman castle.

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