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Angela Lobascio and Katharina Pönisch, a Southern Italian Minervinese and a German, together we decided to put the spotlight on Southern Italy and the hidden Puglia, starting from our small town called Minervino Murge, in the province of Barletta Andria Trani.


I always carry Minervino and Puglia in my heart. I have lived all over Italy and abroad, and this has allowed me to rediscover my homeland, to appreciate its light and colors, to see how we can improve it and to accept its daily challenges.

In La Ferula Magica I am responsible of the project management, the strategic planning, the communication and the networking with our partners. I often think this project has been inside me for years and now it has finally blossomed, blending experiences and emotions of my past and present.

I studied and worked originally as an economic sociologist, an expert in local development and territorial enhancement. I have worked as a researcher and consultant for both Italian and European firms and institutions.

In 2015 I founded the Terradiva organic farm, building up from the tradition of my family, that has always been involved in agriculture.

Since 2004 I have been an activist and supporter of Amnesty International against all forms of discrimination and racism.

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I live in Italy for love, and Puglia and Minervino have been my home for some years, now. The first time I arrived in Minervino Murge I was immediately impressed, right from the steep stone climb up to the heart of the town – via Cappuccini –and I immediately noticed how characteristic this town is.

The honorary nickname “Balcony of the Murge” is absolutely justified by the beautiful views Minervino has to offer: the Murgia, Mount Vulture, the expanses of fields, the view of the sea in the distance … all images that I enjoy every day, walking with my baby.
In La Ferula Magica I am responsible for business relations with non-Italian partners, communication and marketing.

I have studied and am an expert in wellness promotion and education and I have also worked in Hamburg and London. I am very passionate about yoga.

For direct contacts, please do write in German, Italian or English:

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