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Angela Lobascio

La Ferula Magica was born with the aim of promoting Minervino Murge, a small town in Southern Italy, in Puglia, at the gates of the Alta Murgia Natural Park. 

We have thought of those who travel alone or as a couple and whether you are friends, boyfriends, husband and wife, companions in adventures, on the first trip together, our project is dedicated to you! You can enjoy a stay in our historic center where you can slow down and live an experience far from the usual tourist routes.

There are many hidden pearls in our territory that we would like you to discover: cultural, naturalistic, and historical-artistic resources, amazing landscapes but not only … stories that are handed down, the work of agriculture, our typical products and our traditions that are still preserved.

So one day we looked each other in the eyes and started to weave a network with other local partners to offer the visitor packages with different services to choose from, to give as presents to their dear ones, and to experience.


La Ferula Magica

Angela Lobascio

Katharina Pönisch

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